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    Restock list 22.06.18

    1oz Shot Pots
    ▪🍒 Cherry Menthol 1oz Shot Pot 
    Similar in scent to Cherry Menthol sweets. A sharp medicinal cherry with a fresh mint breeze

    ▪🍉👶 Watermelon Baby 1oz Shot Pot 
    A delicious blend of cream soda, fresh watermelon slices, bubblegum, with a hint of new born baby

    2oz Shot Pots
    ▪🍦 Pistachio Ice Cream 2oz Shot Pot 
    A strong super sweet pistachio ice cream fragrance; soft nutty pistachio notes on a base of rich buttery vanilla

    Bear Beds
    ▪🍯 Apricot & Honey Shortbread Bear Bed ▪
    A aromatic blend of fresh tart apricots and sweet sticky honey layered on top of a light base of buttery shortbread biscuit
    Contains: Cinnamic Alcohol

    Brittle/Funky Chunky
    ▪🥣 Crunch Berry Crisp Brittle ▪
    A crunchy fruity berry with top notes of bakery, buttercream, strawberry, grape and wild berries.  Middle notes of heliotrope, plum and maple, with a sweet, sugary vanilla, powdery raspberry and tonka bean base note. Similar to the American cereal Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berry

    Bottle Pots
    ▪🌺🥤 Lilac Lemonade Bottle Pot ▪
    Super bubbly lilacs blended with lemonade. Fizzy, fruity and floral.

    ▪🍸 Blueberry Sloe Gin Bottle Pot ▪
    This elegant fragrance contains top notes of frosted cassis, scrumptious sloe gin and luscious blueberry, with floral hints of jasmine and lily and a trail of warm amber.

    ▪🍸☀  Summer Cocktail Bottle Pot ▪
    A fresh, stimulating summer cocktail with lemons, oranges, apples and a hint of cool pear fizzed by lashings of sparkling lemonade

    ▪🥃 Dandelion & Burdock Bottle Pot ▪
    An accord inspired by Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock. With notes of aniseed supported by lemon, orange, pear, ginger, cinnamon, honey and almond on a sweet base of sugar, vanilla and raspberry

    ▪🥤 Cream Soda Bottle Pot ▪
    An old fashioned soda shop classic having all the bubbly notes frothing over the glass with the truly characteristic, caramelised sugar and vanilla cream aroma.