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    1oz Shot Pots
    ▪️ 🍯 Vanilla Honey Bean 1oz Shot Pot ▪️
    Rich buttery vanilla bean sugar cookie aroma with hints of marshmallow and caramel, sparkling notes of bergamot, sweet orange, and crisp apple with rich golden honey nectar, toffee bits and soft white musk.
    Contains: Amyl cinnamal

    ▪️ 🍊 Quince Jam 1oz Shot Pot ▪️
    A sharp, mouthwatering accord opening with notes of crab apple, rhubarb and citrus hints supported by quince, alongside some florals, resting on a sweet base
    Contains: alpha-Hexylcinnamaldehyde

    ▪️ 🍑 Apricot 1oz Shot Pot ▪️
    A gorgeously smooth scent of fresh tangy apricots with a slight sherbetty background

    ▪️ 🌻 Daffodil 1oz Shot Pot ▪️
    The loveliest daffodil fragrance ever, sweet and full of sunshine!

    Bottle Pots
    ▪️ 🥜☕ Walnut Café Bottle Pot ▪️
    A hypnotising infusion of freshly ground, lightly roasted coffee beans sprinkled with crunchy walnut and a dusting of the finest smooth cocoa
    Contains: p-t-Butyl-alpha-methylhydrocinnamic aldehyde

    ▪️ 🍺 Pomegranate Cider Bottle Pot ▪️
    A fruity, pomegranate fragrance with further fruity hints of raspberries, juicy strawberries, ripe peach and nuances of vanilla

    Bear Beds
    ▪️ 💐 Lavender Lime Cake Bear Bed ▪️
    An uplifting blend of fresh clean lime & deep purple lavender, mixed with vanilla sponge cake.
    Contains: p-tert-butyl-alpha-methylhydrocinnamic aldehyde

    ▪️ 🍋 Lemon & Rhubarb Pie Bear Bed ▪️
    A truly superb fusion between the slightly sweetened tartness of English rhubarb and the sharpness of Sicilian lemons blended into sweet crumbly pie crust

     ▪️ 🥥 Coconut & Lavender Cake Bear Bed ▪️
    This intriguing fragrance blends coconut & lavender with back notes of vanilla, musk smooth buttercream and sponge cake.

     ▪️ 🍰 Blueberry & Fig Cheesecake Bear Bed ▪️
    Bursting with blueberry & light fig, resting on a nutty cheesecake base makes a lovely summery scent
    Contains: Methyl cinnamate