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    Custom Request

    Loaves (approx. 425g) – £20
    Large Pies – (approx. 300g) – £15
    Small Pies – (approx. 200g) – £12
    Sandcastles – £10
    Koi Fish – £5.70
    Starfish – £4.30
    Owls – £1.50 or £2.50 for an 8 pack of the same scent

    What I need to know to make your custom how you’d like it:
    💜 Colour
    💜 Scents
    💜 If you are after chunks, what colour and/or scent you’d like them to be along with the colour and scent of the overpour
    💜 If you would like the scents blended or if you would like them layered
    💜 If you would like glitter and/or Mica powder
    💜 Which custom you would like

    Please bare in mind I may not have oils in at the time of your request but you can keep up to date with your request here…Request list 

    Once your custom has been made you will either receive and Facebook message or an email which will inform you of your password which you will need to enter to be able to purchase your custom.

    Customs are currently taking a month to be made

    If you would like to make a custom request please ensure you have logged in first.