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    Drop Box

    A drop box is a simple way of not only saving money on postage but having all your goodies sent in one go!

    Add as much as you like to your drop box and have it all sent to you in one go when you reach 2kg.
    £3.95 postage for up to 2kg. Simple, quick and cheap!

    Find the drop box option at check out.
    Every time you’d like to add an order to your drop box it will appear at checkout. If you go over 2kg the website will let you know along with how over you are, so you can remove the excess amount from your cart to finish your order.
    As soon as you have filled your drop box you will be able to start a new one straight away.

    You can find out how much weight you have left in your drop box on your account page.

    Drop boxes can be started at any time.

    Please remember you need to be logged in to be able to see the Drop box option at checkout.

    Once you’ve filled up to 2kg with the new one it’ll get posted out unless you request it to be sent out before then. If you have left it for over a month without adding to it, we will message/email you asking about it in-case you’ve forgot you have one open