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    How does a drop box work?
    It’s a box which you can add orders to, up to 2kg for £3.95 postage. So if you like to place lots of smaller orders, it stops you having to pay £3.95 postage for each one. You pay for the wax as you place the orders and it gets added to your box. You’ll get notified when you’re up to 2kg so you have complete your box and start a new one. You can start a drop box whenever you like. You need to make sure you’re logged in to your account when placing an order then select ‘drop box add on’ when selecting postage.
    Once you’ve filled up to 2kg with the new one it’ll get posted out unless you request it to be sent out before then. If you have left it for over a month without adding to it, we will message/email you asking about it in-case you’ve forgot you have one open
    Approx. Weights of products?
    1oz – 30g
    2oz – 60g
    Bear beds – 75g
    Brittle – 56g
    Small Pie – 200g
    Large Pie – 300g
    Loaf – 400+g
    Mermaid Tails 2x Large & 2x Small – approx. 61g
    3x Cute Kitties – approx. 77g
    Can you hold an order/product?
    This option is not available, due to the Dropbox option. Also we are constantly replenishing stock, some more will become available.
    When are posting days?
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we do not post on weekends.
    We do not post on Bank Holidays. We also do not post on a Friday if there is a heat wave. We also can not post on days when there is too much snow.
    When do I panic about my order not arriving?
    Wait for about 2 weeks from the day your order was posted, then message with either full name on the order or the order number or your email address you used to place your order.
    Custom orders?
    Please message for an enquiry for a custom order.
    Small Pie – £12
    Large Pie – £15
    Loaves – £20
    Sandcastles – £10
    Koi Fish – £5.50
    Starfish – £4.00
    Owls 8x pack – £2.50
    Mermaid Tails (2x Large & 2x Small) – £3.00
    3x Cute Kitties – £3.50
    Unicorn Head 8x pack – £4.00
    Payment methods?
    Orders can only be processed and paid for via the website.
    Collection is available, to whomever would like to, please message to sort this out.
    If you live in Dengie you will be given the local pick-up option at checkout.
    Do you have a Facebook group?
    Yes: www.facebook.com/groups/1502499813174672
    We also have a facebook business page: www.facebook.com/Cupcake.chasm
    And we are also on instagram: www.instagram.com/cupcakechasmltd
    Average time for wait lists?
    There isn’t a set amount of time for a wait list, it depends on a number of things, from the amount of people waiting, to the stock of oils.
    Leaving a review?
    To leave a review, you have to be logged into your account. Go to the item you would like to review, scroll down to the review section. Under previous reviews is a form to fill out.
    Can you combine my Subscription Box with my Drop Box?
    Unfortunately due to the Drop Box being done on weight we are unable to combine the two together and they will go as separate orders.