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    • 8 pack of owls in:-
      Pink birthday
      Jam roly poly
      Red velvet cake
      Purple sugar
      Small pie in Fruity Charms lemon sherbert. Mixed please with chunks of lemon sherbert Fruity Charms overpour. Pink lemon and white colours if possible. No glitter. Mica yes.

    • Loaves (approx. 425g) – £20

      Lemon Pastry x 1
      Purple Birthday x 1

      If I could please have both designed as the 2oz pots are
      Waiting for loaf containers

    • Small Pie – Raspberry & Tropical taffy – lots of glitter, girly colours (pinks, whites, purples), not sure whether to have blended or layered? If the smells together are nice then blended otherwise layered is fine.. Free reign on design

      Small Pie – Tropical fizz with chunks (summer colours)

      Koi fish

      Blonde moment/pink sugar – blended (pink & yellow)
      Pink bubbles (pink & purple)
      Bora bora – if you have this oil (summer colours)
      Snow fairy & Avo bath – blended (pink & green)

    • Loaf in carrot cake loaf rhubarb lemonade you choose designs etc thanks hun
      Can not make till others bought

    • Lemonade and lime fizz loaf please any design etc xx
      Waiting for loaf containers

    • Koi in Athena’s fruity loops

      Have fun with the design 😘

    • Small pie in patchouli and eucalyptus please, no glitter, scents blended and in white if possible please? (This one is a trial for my sons headaches so if it helps him I’ll be ordering a lot). (FINISHED)

      Large loaf (wheelie bin sized) in tangerine mojito – colour and decoration to you

      Thanks my lovely x

    • Loaf in purple birthday
      loaf in peanut butter cups you choose designs etc
      Can not make till others bought

    • A loaf in lime cooler and a
      loaf in tooth fairy please chick. As always the designs r totally up to u Hun xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Candy pop loaf please. Design and colours up to you again. Thankyou

    • 1x Loaf – Pink birthday like the pot plz

    • Star fish in baby powder please any design etc xx
      Large pie in bubble pop

    • 1 x loaf in chocolate spread same design as the pots orange and white swirly colour with the chocolate chunks in

      1 x loaf in butter cookie same colour as pots with the little discs in the top and orange glitter

      1 x small pie in black jack, black with an electric blue overpour and small black chunks

      No rush as i have 3 awaiting finishing just want to get in first as i know i am going to love these scents!!
      Can not make till others bought
      Waiting for loaf containers

    • loaf in candle pop
      loaf in bubble pop you choose design etc thanks hun
      Can not make till others bought

    • Can i have a sandcastle in anything with orange, pineapple and fruit salad please? Colours etc up to you! Thank you x
      Can not make till others bought

    • Loaf
      Sarah’s Cornish tea
      Layered just like the pot shot
      Same colours as pot shot

    • 1 loaf in lavender,lemoncurd and marshmellow
      1 loaf in lavender,babypowder and parma violet you choose design pls x
      Can not make till others bought

    • Loaf in
      Pink sugar and warm vanilla sugar
      Could warm vanilla sugar be chunks beige could and pink sugar overpour pink please
      Glitter on top please

    • Can i have two starfish please

      1. The Joker – grape or fizzy pop (purple) and lime (green)

      2. Harley quinn – Strawberry (red) and blue rasp (blue)

      Please will.leave design etc up to you xx

    • loaf in layers of white chocalate,raspberry,strawberry,blackberry and lemoncurd
      loaf in blackcurrant ,raspberry ,lemon tart you choose glitter ,mica and design pls
      Can not make till other bought

    • A loaf in Raspberry Slushie ICSB please, Can it please have Blue Slushie chunk & an ICSB over pour, in Bright Blue & White with Blue & Silver glitter please.

      Thank you ? xx

    • loaf in lemon cookie bar you choose design etc x
      Can not make till other bought

    • Loaf in aurora
      Koi fish in orange butter you choose designs etc x

    • Starfish in pear drops and mint (any minty oil) in any colour x