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    This page contains all active custom requests
    If you do make a custom request it will not show on the request list until November 2018. I’m sorry if this causes any inconvenienceΒ 

    • Mermaid tails
      Bubblegum ice cream
      Green & Blue

      Unicorn head 8 x pack
      Drumstick ripple
      Pink & Purple

      3 Cute Kitties
      Rainbow cookies
      Yellow & Pink
      Mica powder

    • Amaretto nog – koi fish
      Amaretto nog – big baby

      Thank you xx

    • Hi Nicole, Here is my request πŸ˜€

      Fruit loops, lavender and marshmallow ~ koi, your choice – glitter + mica

      Over the rainbow ~ big baby, your choice + mica

      Fizzy kola, lil lemon hope ~ big baby, your choice – mica

      Lollipops, blue slushie ~ small pie, your choice maybe with colourful chunks – glitter + mica

      LSP ~ owls, purple – mica

      Flame prinesss ~ unicorns, orange – mica

      Sticky toffee pudding ~ cute kittens, your choice – mica

      Pink sugar, lavender linen and strawberry wine ~ koi, your choice – glitter + mica

      big baby in apple crumble and custard – any colour + mica

    • Large pie in lemon curd and ice cream, layered with glitter
      Thank you

      Can no longer hold after 23/11/18

    • A loaf in ooey gooey please. Free reign on the design

    • Hi Nicole,could I please have a large pie in rose jam,colour pink,red and white swirled together with roses on the top and lots of glitter and mica, thank you

    • Big baby in

      1 x purple cow

      1 x jam roly poly

      Please any detail colours etc please

    • Could I have a starfish in the scent drumstick ripple please? Design is up to you x

      Can no longer hold after 05/11/18

    • Large pie – Dip n dab please. Colours and designs up to you.

      Large pie – sweet kisses. Colours and design up to you.

      Thank you lovely x

      Can no longer hold after 02/11/18

    • I would like 2 small black raspberry and vanilla pies making please with happy birthday from…

      then a mermaid tail underneath (my nicknames mermaid) xxx

      (can not fit all of that on a small pie)

      Can no longer hold after 13/11/18

    • Oh fishy fishy smell like maraschino cherry+ Vanilla Waffle Cone and coconut cream pl3ase make him as pretty as you like hehe

      Can no longer hold after 23/11/18

    • Please can I have a loaf in black cats and voodoo dolls .dont mind what colour plenty of glitter please.Thank you

      Can no longer hold after 16/11/18

    • Loaf in breakfast pizza same design on top as pots all scattered bits with red and yellow splodges no glitter no mica please x

      Can not longer hold after 07/11/18

    • For Octber time strawberry rubarb muffin ,strawberry Bon Bon ,strawberry juice ,tropical taffy ,tropical crush ,thai lime mango red orange yellow pink purple and blue with glitter hard bits leave up to u plenty glitter leave rest decorations to u can I have Macca in Aswell

      Can no longer hold after 20/11/18

    • Please can I request a small pie in Paradise? I’m happy for it to look like the shot pots, with some gold and silver glitter, if possible? Thankyou xx

      Can no longer hold after 02/11/18

    • Please may I have a small pie in chocolate orchid pink sugar in the design you done recently pretty please

      Small pie in jam rolly polly chunks of strawberry jam the rest up to you

      A large loaf of bubblegum birthday absolutely full of bears with birthday cake and buttercream frosting overpour with purple sugar crumble all over the top

      (Small pie in lime and lavender cake can I have it at angled layers in bright green cream colour lighter green white then pastel green and cream to finish your design to finish)
      (Small pie can only have 3 colours)

      And a koi in I’m the boss please in black and red marbled (May have to be red with black marble)
      Thank you chick love love x

      Can no longer hold after 19/10/18

    • Loaf lavender lime cake
      loaf orange and lavender cake you choose design thankyou

      Can no longer hold after 06/11/18