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    This page contains all active custom requests
    If you do make a custom request it will not show on the request list until September 2018. I’m sorry if this causes any inconvenienceΒ 

    • Koi Fish – Red Slushie and Blue slushie. Bright red and blue, with glitter and mica powder (FINISHED)
      Small Pie – Pink Sugar and blonde moment, Design of your choice with glitter + micaΒ (FINISHED)
      Small Pie – Sundown, purple themed but Design of your choice with glitter + micaΒ (FINISHED)
      Owls – lemon and lavender cake, Design of your choice with glitter or mica
      Owls – Cinammon yum yums, Design of your choice + mica
      Starfish – Apple crumble and custard, design of your choice + mica
      Thank you Very Much
      Becky πŸ˜€

    • Hi huni!

      Can i have a large pie in cupcake party please?

      Can i have a starfish in tropical taffy and taffy please?

      Can i have mermaid tails in sherbet lemon please?

      Can i have a pack of owls in pineapple cubes please?

      Can i have unicorns in pink birthday

      unicorns in birthday cake please?

      Can i have a koi fish in something mega fruity? Fizzy pop? Please.

      I will leave all design up to you lovely. Thank you xx

    • Large loaf – Bubblegum, rainbow sherbert and raspberry lemonade layered please. Will leave colours up to you x

      Large pie – pomegranate and raspberry lemonade chunks with a blackberry fizz over pour if possible. Again colours up to you. Thanks beaut

    • Loaf – in crunch berry crisp please πŸ™‚ multi coloured layered stripes with a white top stripe layer with little multi coloured shapes in it (like the brittle you made of it) thank you lovely xx

    • Another Butter Brickle please! Exactley the same as u made me last time but could i have some cookie shapes in the top in brown on top of the yellow with dark brown bottom. No mica!

      Loaf in Lollipop red bottom blue top with multi coloured glitter all over the top like a rainbow effect kinda thing

    • Rainbow sherbet and bubblegum with a lollipop over pour please in a loaf you choose colours x

    • sandcastle lemon cookie bar colour up to u
      small pie victoria sponge cake, glitter multicoloured

    • small pie melon balls layered glitter can i get multicolor balls in it lol
      unicorn 8 pack blackjacks mica

    • I’d like a Loaf in Mad Tea Party please. Not fussed on how it looks, will leave that down to youΒ thank you x

    • Please may I have a small pie in chocolate orchid pink sugar in the design you done recently pretty please
      Small pie in jam rolly polly chunks of strawberry jam the rest up to you
      A large loaf of bubblegum birthday absolutely full of bears with birthday cake and buttercream frosting overpour with purple sugar crumble all over the top
      Small pie in lime and lavender cake can I have it at angled layers in bright green cream colour lighter green white then pastel green and cream to finish your design to finish
      And a koi in I’m the boss please in black and red marbled (May have to be red with black marble)
      Thank you chick love love x
      Can not be made until others made/bought

    • Please a small pie in orange lavender cake with a design like the mad hatters tea party pie you done recently pretty please xx

    • Could you do me a fantasy loaf with all the inbeds and sparkle please xx
      Can not make till others made/bought

    • Loaf in carrot cake
      loaf rhubarb lemonade you choose designs etc thanks hun