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    • loaf in rainbow sherbert you choose design thanks loaf in rhubarb and custard you choose design thanks hun

    • Lemon cookie bar loaf please, you have free reign with the design of it, as long as it’s shades of yellows and white, I couldn’t cope seeing it in pink or something, the rest is up to you. I’d like glitter and possibly mica, just whatever you think will make it look pretty.

    • Hello lovely one!!! Please can I order the following customs:

      Toffee nut roulade- small pie
      Can it look exactly the same as the 2oz pot, defo with some Mica and can it also have some gold glitter on top (this one is a replacement of the bloody wax melts I’ve broke, of kerry’s, seen as she’s replaced them already, I’m replacing in wax!!)

      Also can I have for me;

      Koi fish – Sundown and Warm vanilla sugar mix. Free reign on what this bad lad looks like, although of you wanna experiment, I reckon a blue and white marble effect/tie dye effect would be lush! Defo some mica and glitter in there though please!!


      Koi fish – blonde moment and pink sugar, I love the colours of both, so mix it up how you fancy on the day, I’m a Sunday morning me, canny easy! Defo mica and defo glitter please!! 😍

      They should help keep me out of mischief! x

      You always make me giggle Becky 😂 Best custom request message ever!! 😂

    • large pie in lemon curd tartlet loaf in blackberry, strawberry, raspberry,,orange and sherbet lemon large pie in grandmas pocket – you choose design etc thanks x

    • Hey slug, pretty please can I have a small pie with green and grey layers with a bit of mica and a glittery top with something that resembles slytherin on 😄🙊🙊 can it smell of banana milkshake and pink mellow and be all mixed in all the layers and be epic cool cos your amazing and I asked really nicely 😂😂😂😘😘😘

    • koi fish in parma violet,pinksugar and baby powder any colour etc koi fish in jam roly poly any colour etc

    • Loaf in
      Fruit loops and lemon curd
      Yellow and orange colours
      Layered please

      Owls pack of 4 in
      Drumstick ripple
      Tooth fairy
      Bed time baby
      Pink mellow

    • Small pie in lemon and lavender cake.
      Can you mix all the fragrence but have the pie layered yellow and purple but purple teddys in the yellow bit and yellow bears in the purple bit
      Small pie in purple birthday layered cream and purple with same situation again with the bears
      Please xx

    • Loaf in Dazzling (avobath) please!
      Same colours (green & yellow) & marble design as 1oz pots with glitter & mica please 🙂

    • Loaf in pina colada, same colours & design as the bottle pots please xx thank you xx

    • Large pie in lavender,pink sugar and birthday cake ,you choice design colour etc.

    • Loaf
      Pink candy floss
      Blue candy floss
      Mix of blues and pinks

    • Victoria sponge loaf
      Birthday cake loaf
      Can i have mica in both pl

    • Loaf
      Drumstick ripple and taffy
      Pink and white colours (FINISHED)

      Purple birthday cake
      Purple couples (FINISHED)

    • Berry Marzipan, large pie please. My favourite colour is purple (all shades) and I love a bit of sparkle, will leave the rest up to you!

    • Large Pie in sourtastic you choice colours etc Large pie in lavender,lemon curd and. marshmallow you choice colours etc Large pie in key lime pie you choice colours etc p̶i̶e̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶w̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶c̶a̶g̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶a̶s̶t̶ no longer available.

    • Small pie: Bubblegum with grandmas pocket layered please 🙂
      Purple and green if possible (joker themed) haha.
      Thankyou x

    • Large Pie – Strawberry & Rhubarb Muffin

      You can have free reign of the design ☺️

    • Large pie, sherbet cherry pie. Any colours please. Can you do happy birthday on top with glitter if possible please. X

      (I don’t think this will be possible as the area would be too small, but I can try)

    • 1z Loaf – Bedtime Baby
      Blues & Purples with lots of glitter

    • A loaf in Peach Melba please if possible.
      (Chunks in Peach & Vanilla & overpour in Raspberry Jam Roly poly)
      In Dark Pink & Orange please, with lots of glitter.

    • A small pie in peanut jam. Same as 2oz please xx

      (Yay Peanut Jam)

    • Packs of 4 owls please in-
      Vanilla sugar (FINISHED)
      Mince pie (FINISHED)
      Sarahs cornish tea (FINISHED)
      Sundown (FINISHED)
      Butterscotch Apple (FINISHED)
      Carrot cake (FINISHED)
      & packs of 8 owls please in-
      Coconut cream pie (FINISHED)
      Bedtime baby (FINISHED)
      Orange you cosy (FINISHED)
      Jam roly poly (FINISHED)
      Cake Batter Fudge (FINISHED)
      Stick O’ Rock (FINISHED)

    • 1. Any – cake batter mix and blueberries – scents layered – mica powder please in a Koi fish (FINISHED)

      2. Any – victoria sponge cake and eton mess – scents layered – mica powder please in a starfish (FINISHED)

      3. Any – birthday cake and drumstick ripple – chunks (drumstick ripple chunks and birthday cake over pour – glitter – please in a small pie (FINISHED)

      4. If you still do the small owls can i request some in monkey farts, birthday cake, cake batter mix please (FINISHED)

      Thank you

    • A loaf in really Strong Lavender- 2 layers top & bottoming lavender & eucalyptus in the middle.
      If possible in Purples & Turquoise/Green.

    • Victoria Sponge loaf same as pots

    • 1 x loaf in pumpkin caramel squares. Orange bottom brown top dark brown and orange chunks and gold glitter. (FINISHED)

    • Pink sugar blonde moment rhubarb wine x same as one you did for Kerry think her name is lol one I sent u pic of hun thank you x same size x

    • Strawberry bon bon in pink with glitter and chunks

    • 1x loaf – banana waffles, lemon curd & banana milkshake.
      Yellow & orange. Blended. Glitter

    • 1x Small Pie – Carrot cake
      cream colour with carrot in middle and glitter

    • 1x Loaf – Damson Jam
      Same as pots. Mica.

    • 1x Loaf – Victoria Sponge Cake
      Same as 2oz pots. Mica

    • 1x Loaf – Blonde Moment & Pink Sugar
      Blended. Pink. Mica

    • 1x Large Pie – Victoria Sponge Cake
      Same as 2oz pots but with a white swirl on top

    • 1x Large Pie – Strawberry and Rhubarb Muffin
      Cake coloured base with red and pink pop rock style crumble on top