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    🎀 Pink Chiffon Scented Wax Melt 2oz Shot Pots

    🎀 Pink Chiffon Scented Wax Melt 2oz Shot Pots


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    This sweet delightful scent is infused with hints of exotic fruits, vanilla orchid, sweet vanilla and whipped chiffon musk.  “Pink Chiffon is as light as air paired with soft pink petals whipped vanilla chiffon icing”
    Contains: Hexyl cinnamaldehyde
    American Oil

    💜 Approx. 2oz
    💜 Hand-poured & made in England
    💜 Highly Scented
    💜 Professional Parasoy Blended Waxes
    💜 Affordable & lasting scent.

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    Full Description

    Made in the United Kingdom by Cupcake Chasm Ltd, with a premium blend of wax and fragrances.
    These are for use in a classic or electric wax melters and they are also great as gifts, wedding favors, drawer fresheners and more.
    The melts are medium, weighing approx 2oz/56g. We recommend using a quarter at a time.
    Place your wax into your wax melter to release the true-to-life scents.
    Colours may differ but this does not effect the scent nor the quality.
    Not to be consumed.

    May cause an allergic reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Wash hands after use. If skin irritation or rash occurs or you feel unwell: get medical advice/attention. Do not consume.

    Additional information

    Weight 60 g


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